Started filming
Channel 4
May 2012
Kirstie Allsopp, Channel 4
LONDON, UK - Robert Henry is currently filming at a new series to be broadcast soon.
More details to follow...
The Sunday Telegraph
UK Coffee Week: making the perfect cup
29 April 2012
The Sunday Telegraph - Robert Henry, AnotherCup Ltd.
After some expert tips on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, Lucy Cavendish says she'll never drink instant again.

The London Coffee Festival 2012
Latte Art Video
27-29 April 2012
The London Coffee Festival 2012 - Latte Art Video by Robert Henry, AnotherCup Ltd.
As part of the London Coffee Festival, Robert Henry donated his time to direct their Latte Art video.
BBC - News & Current Affairs
The Real Cost of a Coffee
27 January 2012
BBC, News & Current Affairs - Robert Henry, AnotherCup Ltd.
Have you ever wondered about the costs of a cup of coffee? Robert Henry is interviewed by the BBC, and reveals the precise breakdown of what goes into your cup.
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