A Smooth Operator
@ Caffè Culture
18-19 May 2011
Caffè Culture - Robert Henry, AnotherCup Ltd.
The key to ensuring the growth and future of your business is a system that means your business operates in exactly the same way, whether you are there or not. In this session, Robert will provide an overview of what you need to consider before thinking about expanding your business.
Guinness World Record
Most Espressos In 1 Hour
12 April 2011
Guinness World Record - Robert Henry, AnotherCup Ltd.
LONDON, UK - The London Belle Baristas team, using 31 commercial espresso machines, has broken the Guinness world record for the most espressos made in one hour by producing 12,005 espressos at a rate of 3.33 espresso shots per second...

Coffee Academy
Yan Coffee Break, Bulgaria
June 2010
Coffee Academy, Yan Coffee Break - Robert Henry, AnotherCup Ltd.
Robert Henry was invited to open the third coffee shop of the brand Yan Coffee Break in Varna, Bulgaria.

He held a Coffee Academy for the two weeks of his visit. During the academy...
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