About AnotherCup
Robert Henry

I like people.

I like coffee.

Coffee and people go together. This is good, as I drink at least 10 espressos a day. It's not a lot, as I'm in the coffee business, but the way people take their coffee tells me a lot about them.

Coffee has been my life for more than 10 years. It's taken me on a journey around the world. It's seen me spend summers in Spain, carnivals in Brazil, Christmas in Sydney, and Valentines Day in Paris.

I've learnt a lot about coffee, but it's taught me a lot too. It's taught me that it's more than a drink - it's a custom and a way of life for millions of people. We drink it together - we talk, we laugh, we cry - over our coffees.

We share good news…we gossip…we relax…all with a cup of the black gold.

Coffee is not just a drink – it's an experience.

Let's experience it together.

My Team
Of Real Professionals

Design Consultant. Will help you open any coffee shop or bar.

Barista Trainer. Will provide world class coffee training.

Engineer. Will repair any kind of coffee machine.

Draftsman. Will take measurements and design your new place.

Equipment Guy. Will supply and install everything you need for your business.

Graphic Designer. Will develop your brand identity, design your logo, create and manage your website.